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Pulseira 'adivinhação' Charme Tarot

'Divination’ Tarot Charm Bracelet
A Midnight Rose Creation
by Tracy Hills

This chunky charm bracelet is absolutely loaded with divining charms; from ancient times when wizards and druids foretold the future by the alignment of sun moon, stars, and planets - to the modern day, when we still get our astrological horoscopes by the same means.

But of course that is not the only means of divination.

We love to visit gypsies in their brightly painted wagons, or go for psychic, tarot or palmistry readings. And who hasn’t tried that hand with an Ouija board?

So, whichever your favourite means of ‘seeing into the future’ is; I’m sure it will be depicted on this bracelet.

This bracelet focuses on the Tarot; featuring most of Major Arcana in either charm or card form. Each suite (minor) is also depicted.

To complete the design and theme of this bracelet, I have also included charms, which at some time or another have been the harbinger of good or bad luck; e.g wishbone or a lucky coin. Some charms have a dual meaning – you choose what you would like them to represent.

I have designed this bracelet on a 18cm gold plated chain, and finished it off with a Hamsa Hand (to ward off evil) toggle clasp.

The focal points of this bracelet are the stunning DOUBLE SIDED Tarot card charms. These are genuine mini Ryder Waite Tarot cards and not just printed images. They have been trimmed and set into silver frames and then sealed with a high gloss varnish to protect the cards.

There are far too many beads, dangles and charms to list, but some of the main pieces included on the bracelet are:

Major Arcana Charms and Card Images:
• Magician – wizard charm – also depicts wizards and druids diving future
• High Priestess (card)
• Empress – crown charm
• Lovers – couple charm
• Chariot ( Card)
• Justice - set of scales charm
• Strength – lion charm
• Death – skull and cross bones charm / skeleton charm
• Temperance – angel wing charm
• Horned god - Devil charm
• The Star – Star charm dangles – also depicts horoscope reading
• The Moon – Moon charm – also depicts horoscope readings
• Judgement – angel wing charm
• The World – Globe of world charm

Minor Arcana (Suits) Tarot Card Images and Charms:
• Swords – Sword charm, 3 Swords Card, Page of Swords Card
• Wands – King of Wands Card
• Pentacles – Pentacle Charm, 3 Pentacles Card, 9 Pentacles Card
• Cups - Queen of Cups Card, Knight of Cups Card

Other Charms:
Teapot – tea leaf readings
Gypsy fortune teller
Lucky coin
Tree of life
Ouija board
Gypsy wagon
Claw hand
Wise Owl
turquoise Howlite cross
Hamsa Hand toggle clasp – ward off evil

Length: 18 cm (7”) excluding the toggle.

Your bracelet will arrive in a gift box.

Tarot, Gypsy Fortune Telling, Charm Bracelet


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